Attempted System Crash!
Someone attempted unsuccessfully to crash Fallen Chaos BBS on June 2, 1996. Max was able to break into chat with them, and see what was going on.
4:51 pm Sun Jun 2, 1996
Recorded with user: God^00%UN
Chat reason: None

Max: hey there.. How about I just call you and you can be validated?

Attempted Crasher: This is my friend's fax line, also his phone line.

Max: What? I dont understand..

Attempted Crasher: He uses this line as a main phone line, he also uses it to modem and recieve faxes.

Max: Ah! I see... hmm.. well we have a rule where we like to voice validate users... hmm

Attempted Crasher: Hmm... That is a problem, oh well I will go call a different BBS then.

Max: Why.. cause you cant CRASH THIS ONE?!

Attempted Crasher: No sir, I simply don't have a phone to plug in.

Max: Well...then why don't you logg off an dwe will voice validate you on the fax

Attempted Crasher: umm sure. I guess I could do that.

Max: go ahead

Attempted Crasher: how do I answer?

Max: Well, pick up the receiver and say "hello".. rather simple.. we dont like to make things all too complicated for those who have a hard time grasping certain concepts

Attempted Crasher: Hey I am not that computer illiterate. But I only have my call program, is there some way I can answer in my communications program?

Max: Well, you said that your friend uses the phone as voice AND Fax.. I a ssume that mean s yo u c oul st

Attempted Crasher: the fax is his computer Mr. Illiterate!

Max: Hmm... HOw do they receive voice calls?

Attempted Crasher: Well normally they have a phone, but someone used our cellular phone to tap into our line and he is going to bring a new one back later tonight.

Max: Wow.. that sounds bad.. Did you catch the person?

Comment: Just now, Highlander has called the voice number of the person we suspected of being the Gimp... ironically, he says...

Attempted Crasher: hold on please

Max: ok... Did you have another call.. or wait,.,. no.. you dont have another line huh? Oh yeah..someone tapped in with the cell phone.. I forgot! :)

Attempted Crasher: My dad just called me. To help him carry a box full of nails and tools.

Max: Wow.. thats pretty buff... so how old are you? still living at home righg?

Attempted Crasher: I'm only 19...I have to live with them cause I can't afford a room at the colleage.

Max: Which college?

Attempted Crasher: UCLA

Max: Long comute

Attempted Crasher: I know, it gets expensive, but its cheaper than renting a room down there.

Max: Wow.. it must be really expensive... dang... by the way.. did you forget you turned 20 over a month ago?

Comment: His user information said he was 20...

Attempted Crasher: No, I am 19 why?

Max: Well.. then whats your birthdate.. maybe you messed up

Attempted Crasher: 04-17-77

Comment: The Gimp paused for a good 5-7 seconds while he tried to figure out what year a 19 year old would be born in... great math...

Max: Ah... hard to remember that year sometimes eh... yeah you messed up there on your date when you logged on.. I'll fix that later...

Attempted Crasher: ok thankz.

Max: Hey.. you live on Hamington Way? My grandma ives there

Comment: The user had inputted 375 Bethard's street

Attempted Crasher: Uhh stop trying to trick me...I do not live on hamington way.

Max: Oh.. where do you live?

Attempted Crasher: Bethard's way.

Max: 349? 2138? 437?

Attempted Crasher: 362.

Max: Dang.. messed up on that one too... you should ask your mom to write out all your information for you so you never make those kinda mistakes..

Attempted Crasher: Well I am not a very good typer yet.

Max: well... hmmm you inputted 375 bethards... hmm.. I guess if you have really big thumbs...

Attempted Crasher: oh yeah thankz for the ego boost.

Max: No problem.. heh.. so what do you like on BBSes?

Attempted Crasher: Mainly posting, but now and then I play a game or two.

Max: What games do you like?

Attempted Crasher: Usurper, and... Hmm...I can't wait, I do beleive its called Exitilus.there we go.

Max: Ah yeah... I think it says the nameevery time you enter it right?

Attempted Crasher: Yeah so I remember, haven't played it in over a month.

Max: Oh but its one of your favorites...

Attempted Crasher: so colleage students don't have much time.

Max: You're right... College takes a lot of time.. whats your major?

Attempted Crasher: Physics.

Max: Wow... lets see... tel me ab ou wh oa

Attempted Crasher: Look I will not have this pestering! you should be privaleged that I actually stayed through all of your litle 'tests'

Max: I'm sorry you feel that way.. how about one more question.. where did you come up withy the idea for your handle?

Attempted Crasher: Oh my friend told me to do that, my handle is normally -God-, but he told me to put in that stuff so I did.

Comment: HEY! If you are still reading... it gets a EVEN better! Keep Reading!

Max: Oh yeah.. cause you're at your friends house.. and your dad comes and asks for help with the

Attempted Crasher: My dad is remodeling my friends house.

Max: Thats very interesting.. wow.. you are an interesting person.. call a lotta bBSes?

Attempted Crasher: Not really, I have called Mount Olympus though, other than that I normally Modem in LA at the colleage when I have time.

Max: Right... My aunt lives in LA.. what part are you in? qwhats the area code?

Attempted Crasher: I have no Idea, I just go to colleage there.

Max: Do they teach you how to spell College?

Attempted Crasher: ahah yeah I was just wondering if you would ever catch on.

Max: Right.. thanks for testing me with it.. took me awhile.. had to get out the dictionary.. so what you're a junior in college?

Attempted Crasher: Junior? thats like a 11th grader, they don't go to college.

Max: Thats why I said a Junior in COLLEGE

Attempted Crasher: Gee whiz, I think we found our nations finest.

Max: Excuse me?

Attempted Crasher: Our nations finest.

Max: I meant.. sorry I have to explain this to.. but I meant WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY Our nations finest.. if I wanted you to repeat it, I could have just read it again

Attempted Crasher: I was being sarcastic you kiddy.

Max: Ah... sarcasm.. they teach you that at UCLA too eh?

Attempted Crasher: naw, got that from my mom telling my dad how good it was...ahhahaha

Max: hehe .. You are one funny guy

Attempted Crasher: Why thank you, I pride myself on the knoledge of knowing can't spell jack today... of other people's stupidity.

Max: Really... heh.. I'll hafta read it over a few times but I think you may have just tried to rip on me

Attempted Crasher: RIp on you?

Max: So you must do work with your dad in construction?

Attempted Crasher: Not really, I complain too often about the heat, and the stress, I would much rather be standing around in a cool room working on physics.

Max: Hmm.. well I feel like I know enough about you,, one second pleased

Attempted Crasher: I'm sorry I have to go now, dad says we are heading back to the house now...bye bye and nice board.

Max: Thank you..but If you want to stick around for a few, you could check it out..

Attempted Crasher: Sorry dad says now thankz and cya round.

Max: ok...


=> User disconnected
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