The History of Fallen Chaos
Message from Warrior Max
Fallen Chaos started May 19, 1996 on a 486/66 with 8 MB of Ram and a 540
MB HD. I am not totally sure why we started it... I had become good friends
with The Darkener and Midas, and they both had their BBS and I had tinkered
with Renegade for about a year or so. One night I was sick and bored, so I
configured all the strings. Once I started, I just kept going. Highlander
came over to my house after work and brought meall kinds of natural cold
medicine stuff and he continued editing stuff and we discussed access levels
and such.  One night he stuck on Win95 (I hadn't ever had it before) and I
fell asleep before it was done. The next morning I woke up, and remember
loading it up the first time and seeing "Renegade (1)" and "Renegade (2)"
on the desktop. For the first time it *really* felt like I had a *real* BBS.
We worked more and more... a whole bunch... and it went up for 24 hour
"beta testing" to people we knew on May 12,1996.
On July 3, 1997 it was moved onto Highlander's computer
(using his Zip drive) and the number was changed to 544-1690.
Fallen Chaos went down for good October 5, 1997.
The main LORD game on Fallen Chaos was never reset.
Fallen Chaos is the only BBS to ever have "Black Market" (so far). :)
The only games on Fallen Chaos when it first went up were LORD, Planets,
Scrabble, and Falcon's Eye. In addition, "Legend of the Red Dragon" was
misspelled as "Legond of the Red Dragon" on the first menu. When Fallen
Chaos went down, it was running 5 other online games.
Right before Fallen Chaos switched computer it was running on a P120
with 16 MB of RAM and 3.5 GB of HD space.
Fallen Chaos was nearly named "Midnight Masquerade." There was another
name in the running, but I forget what it was.
Fallen Chaos seriously considered switching to "Iniquity" BBS software
and, in fact, got the idea of multiple menu sets from that BBS system.
While FC never switched to Iniquity,it did add a second menu set with
entirely new menus.
The "Rhyming Story" message base started out as a game that I played
with my friends to pass the time when we were really, really bored.
When Fallen Chaos went down Physics BBS took over the "Rhyming Story"
message base, along with a few other things. ;)

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